A New Understanding at the Intersection of Science and Spirituality

June 5, 2019
Communications Team

In the face of our current global challenges, the world is demanding an entirely new understanding — one that can be found at the intersection of science and spirituality.

Science has greatly enhanced the way we understand reality, but there is so much more waiting to be discovered. A more complete understanding of our world requires a more advanced set of tools and practices. Through our recently launched IONS Discovery Lab and our initiative on mind-matter interaction, IONSx, we are using scientific exploration and personal discovery to push beyond the limits of human knowledge.

In the coming year, we will have at least 1,000 people in person and online participate in the Discovery Lab pre- and post-surveys, furthering our understanding of the mechanisms and effects of transformative practices. We have already had nearly 400 people participate in the first six months, and are already seeing some interesting patterns emerge. We will share more with you — our community — as the project continues to unfold.

Thanks to you and many people like you, for 45 years, the Institute of Noetic Sciences has stood at the forefront of a deeper understanding of being human at this time in history. We are proud and humble to serve as the leading research center and direct experience lab exploring the frontier edges of consciousness.

Join the Institute of Noetic Sciences in continuing to serve as a beacon for the future — a society that allows the fullness of who we are to emerge, weaving our inner knowing with our rational mind to create a sustainable and just world.


Aware of the profound impact seeing Earth from the heavens had on our founder, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, we are in the midst of completing the virtual reality Edgar Mitchell Awe Experience. This visceral tool will allow us to study the psychophysiology of participants after inductions of awe, as we seek to better understand that experience and its implications for transforming worldviews.

We are excited to be able to test people here at the virtual reality lab on our EarthRise campus. In addition, we are working on partnerships to bring this experience to classrooms around the United States to support youth having their own experience of the Overview Effect and integrating their new perspective into their lives.

As part of the IONS community, we invite you to make a special gift today to help accelerate our work in creating deep and lasting transformations through science and personal experience.

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