A New Paradigm for Modern Manhood

February 3, 2020
Jewel Love, MA, LMFT

IONS is proud to support the work of up-and-coming noetic explorers who are uniquely positioned to take this field to new heights. With our NextGen Consciousness in Action Awards, we honor people who seek to uplift culture — changemakers whose seek to make a positive impact in the world, and whose work extends into domains well beyond anything we could have conceived. We hope you will join 2019 award winner (and guest blogger) Jewel Love in our upcoming Noetic Global Gathering, in which he explores how we might cultivate a new paradigm for modern manhood.

Our social institutions provide the education most of us need to mature and evolve. When they are intact and support the values of their members, people can move through these structures successfully, hitting the appropriate milestones with beneficial results for their communities.

What does it say about our institutions when the outcomes include sexual assaults? What about environmental decay? How about violence in our communities? How is it the case that men are the primary actors in many of these situations? It’s clear that our social structures are in need of repair. Will we be able to harness the power of men themselves to lead a charge for individual and global healing?

The key to decreasing sexual assaults, curbing over-consumption, and creating communities of peace, largely depends upon our ability to improve our social institutions and healthy outcomes for men. During my upcoming IONS Noetic Global Gathering “Healthy Manhood for Global Healing,” we will explore the winning formula I use to help men heal themselves and the world, while harnessing their masculine intelligence and emotional wisdom.

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About the Author

Jewel LoveJewel Love is a licensed psychotherapist and the CEO of Black Executive Men. His wellness company helps black men in corporate America find inner peace. They achieve this through individual psychotherapy and corporate programs. His clients have already included Google and Microsoft. In addition, Jewel is the CEO of Urban Healers. Urban Healers provides educational programming on healthy masculinity through modern ceremonies and rituals. Their ambitious goal is the transformation of cities into environments that celebrate healthy masculinity. Quickly growing in impact, Urban Healers was recently featured in the San Francisco Chronicle for their groundbreaking work. Jewel is clearly passionate about the intersection of business, culture, and masculinity, and is determined to see this healing movement go worldwide.

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