A Meaningful Gift from a Long-time Supporter

October 21, 2016
Communications Team

We were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of our long-time supporter, Gayatri Margaret Schilberg. An accomplished economist, international traveler, musician, well-loved spiritual devotee, and mentor, Ms. Schilberg led a rich and varied life. She was a true noetic explorer who nurtured personal transformation in herself and others.

It was important for Gayatri to work with people and organizations who “had the same heart connection.” IONS is not only honored to have been part of her world, but especially grateful that she so thoughtfully chose to include us in her estate planning. Thanks to her generosity, we will be able to support our current scientific projects, further our educational endeavors, and continue to expand the noetic community worldwide.

If you would like to consider including IONS in your estate plan, please see, or contact Alex Morrison, Director of Development, for more information.

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