Lucid Dreaming Study Focuses on Healing PTSD

June 26, 2021
Science Team

Can lucid dreams have a measurable positive impact on PTSD and other stress-related issues? A new study led by IONS researcher Garret Yount, PhD, will involve people experiencing PTSD in an intensive lucid dreaming workshop.

Plans for a Lucid Dreaming Study Focused on PTSD

This study aims to evaluate whether internally-generated intentions in a lucid dream can influence our physiology. We will measure inflammatory biomarkers before and after a healing lucid dream, compared to the same measures under control conditions. Our objective is to explore conscious awareness as a powerful untapped resource to improve psychological and physical health.

The study, which is open to anyone who is experiencing PTSD, will include intensive lucid dream training with expert Charlie Morley. In addition, selected study participants will be asked to provide saliva samples which will allow the team to determine whether stress biomarkers have changed during the course of the study.

Findings May Change the Status of Lucid Dreaming as a Healing Tool

This research study is one of the first that will use well-established biological measures to determine whether and to what degree lucid dreaming can help alleviate PTSD symptoms. Assuming a positive outcome, the Lucid Dreams Study promises to offer a new intervention to support people suffering from PTSD.

Dr. Yount interviewed two project leaders, Lucid Dreaming experts Charlie Morley and David Hamilton, about lucid dreaming, the project, and their hopes for its findings in May 2021. The video, available on YouTube, provides in-depth information about lucid dreaming and the state of research in the field.

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