Let’s Co-Create the Future

December 7, 2017
Communications Team

The world is calling out for a new type of leadership — one that recognizes our interconnectedness with each other and the planet, and respects the gifts that each of us can bring to improve the whole. At the Institute of Noetic Sciences, we are boldly creating a future that serves our individual and collective wellbeing by infusing noetic practices into leadership training, professional development, business, and technology.

What future are you creating?

Join us in creating a future that embraces the scientific evidence of our interconnectedness and leverages our experiential education programs to support people accessing information and energy beyond the limits of space and time by infusing noetic wisdom and practices into their lives and major institutions.

It is because of visionary individuals such as you that we have been able to bring these noetic practices into people’s lives and communities.

Make a special end of year gift today to further align yourself with a noetic future!

Our team of scientists, program officers, and community educators are passionate about building a better future for all by infusing noetics into daily life. Our programs benefit all ages from youth to older adults, and span a broad variety of sectors — from changemakers to healthcare providers to business professionals.

In 2018, two of our newest programs — Noetic Leadership and Consciousness, Communication and Change — will leverage IONS discoveries about consciousness to boost the impact of over 500 business leaders and changemakers working toward a sustainable, thriving, and just future. We will also reach over 3,000 young people and elders via our re-imagined NextGen Youth Initiative, Worldview Explorations program, and Conscious Aging facilitators series.

Join us today with a special end of year gift to support this crucial work as we infuse noetic practices into daily life and co-create a truly bold future!

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