The Launchpad Is Ready for an Enterprising New Era at IONS

April 12, 2018
Communications Team

Since the passing of IONS’ visionary founder, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, two years ago, the IONS board, staff, and scientists have continually worked to not only preserve Edgar’s original vision, but to boldly expand IONS impact at a time when our world desperately needs healing, radical innovation, and transformation.

To that end, the past 18 months have been dedicated to strengthening IONS foundation to ensure that we have the launchpad necessary for the next chapter in our shared mission. We’re excited to share these achievements in our newly published annual report (pdf). Here is just a glimpse of a few initiatives, with more detail provided throughout the full annual report:

  • Sharper Strategic Focus – providing powerful clarity that IONS work must be grounded in the deep interplay of Science and Experience—applying our research findings in ways that enable people to experience transformation through inner-knowing and interconnection.
  • Launch of the IONS Discovery Lab (IDL) – an exciting, leading-edge initiative to involve EarthRise retreat participants in our scientific research, advancing our understanding of the mechanisms of personal transformation. By creating an enormous dataset on various noetic practices, we can conduct multidisciplinary, translational and unprecedented research of both the effects of these practices and the mechanisms by which those effects take place.
  • EarthRise Homecoming – re-integrating our entire staff team, including all of our scientists and laboratories, onto our beautiful and inspiring EarthRise campus, fostering greater collaboration and creating a true “living laboratory.”
  • Expanded Engagement – developing creative, new opportunities for individuals and organizations to build community and coherently engage with IONS work in deeply meaningful ways that make a profound difference in their lives and communities.
  • Progress Toward Resource Sustainability – advancing a truly robust resource plan built around integrity, clarity, and prosperity to ensure that IONS can thrive in pursuit of Edgar’s original vision!

On behalf of our entire team, we share with confidence that our launchpad is ready for an enterprising new era at IONS. Edgar knew that as humanity witnessed dramatic advances in the exploration of outer space, we must continue to courageously explore inner space. This was never more true than it is today. We cannot do this alone, but only in partnership with all of you—our IONS community—past, present, and future!

Unable to view the online version? Click here to downloand the PDF.

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