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March 19, 2024
IONS Communications Team

IONS is gearing up for our FIRST VIRTUAL Global Conference on Thursday, May 30 through Sunday, June 2, 2024. While it’s our first virtual conference, it will be IONS’ 19th conference in our 50-year history.

The new format will allow you to convene more easily and affordably with other noetic explorers while maintaining the deep connections and community spirit that’s defined our leading-edge gatherings for decades. 

As our consciousness research reaches beyond space and time, it only felt natural to scale up our conference to become a global event bound by neither. We look forward to gathering our community members from more than 65 countries on our easy-to-use digital platform.

Enjoy a globally-curated lineup of noetic topics and experiential options with powerful thought leaders and practitioners. Explore our exhibition hall and interactive breakout sessions where you can connect with other individuals from around the world who share our passion for understanding consciousness and co-creating a better reality for us all. Select the most compelling sessions and experiences across all four days to create your ideal journey.

Best of all, join us from the comfort of your own home, from anywhere in the world!

Conference Tracks

You can look forward to presentations, panel discussions, experiential workshops, and interactive sessions in four exciting tracks:

Extraordinary Human Capacities

Explore the vast potential of human consciousness across the ages, including psychic abilities, energy healing, lucid dreaming, psychedelics and creativity, channeling, mediumship, and intuition. Collaborate on cultivating these capacities for well-being, self-transcendence and participation in a brighter future.

Nonlocal Consciousness

What is meant by “Big C” Consciousness? Is there a collective consciousness and what are the implications? How do these concepts of consciousness inform the possibilities and perils around artificial intelligence (AI), climate and the environment, unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) and the role of psychedelics for humanity?

Global Mind Change In Action

Gather with like-minded community and practitioners to explore the individual and collective awakening and healing processes necessary to change the trajectory of the modern world. Through science-based projects like the Global Consciousness Project 2.0 and IONS Discovery Lab, we’ll focus on practical applications for achieving a paradigm shift in consciousness.

Experiential Explorations

Encounter practices that cultivate and support personal and mutual transformation, including meditation, sound healing sessions, breathwork, and other inner explorations. You’ll come away with firsthand experiences and tools to support your conscious evolution.

Registration Opens Soon

IONS members get the deepest discount on conference registration. Now is a great time to join if you aren’t a current member already. Registration will open soon! If you’re not already subscribed to our mailing list, subscribe below today to be alerted when registration opens.

We look forward to sharing more exciting details about the conference, including many incredible speakers you won’t want to miss! Learn more at

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