IONS Community Groups: Gathering In Over 10 Global Time Zones

November 20, 2020
Experience & Engagement Team

Have you wanted to connect with others and share your thoughts on things like consciousness and psi? Do you ever wish you had a group of people to talk with about noetic experiences? We invite you to join an IONS Community Group. There’s never been a better time!

IONS Community Groups are independent, self-organizing, gatherings held across the globe! Historically, many IONS Community Groups met in-person, at private homes, community centers, and private venues. Given the recent changes with the COVID-19 pandemic, many Community Groups are now meeting online, increasing their accessibility and availability to noetic enthusiasts to join from anywhere in the world. We are elated to report that IONS Community Groups meeting online represent over 10 of the 38 distinct global time zones! It has never been easier to connect with like minded individuals to dive deeper into the scientific research of IONS and to spark a conversation with a global community.

Though self-organized and self-directed, the Community Groups listed on the IONS Community Group directory are both inspired by and recognized by the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Below is a list of the Community Groups who are regularly meeting online. Each group sets its own purpose and direction, consistent with the overall mission of IONS. We will continuously update the list as more and more groups are transitioning to virtual gatherings.

New Zealand Daylight Time (NZDT, UTC +13)

  • Wellington IONS Virtual Community Group

Bangladesh Standard Time (BST, UTC +6)

  • Daisie IONS Virtual Community Group

India Standard Time (IST, UTC +5:30)

  • Gujarat IONS Virtual Community Group
  • Chennai IONS Virtual Community Group

Israel Standard Time (IST, UTC +2)

  • Israel IONS Virtual Community Group

Central European Time (CET, UTC +1)

  • Italy IONS Virtual Community Group
  • Madrid IONS Virtual Community Group
  • OpenHeart IONS Community Group
  • Yintelligence IONS Community Group

Colombia Time (COT, UTC -5)

  • Bogota IONS Virtual Community Group

Eastern Standard Time (EST, UTC -5)

  • West Hartford IONS Community Group
  • Brockton IONS Community Group
  • Carlisle IONS Virtual Community Group
  • Philadelphia IONS Community Group
  • Central Virginia IONS Community Group
  • Virginia IONS Virtual Community Group

Central Standard Time (CST, UTC -6)

  • San Antonio Virtual IONS Community Group

Mountain Standard Time (MST, UTC -7)

  • Calgary IONS Community Group Calgary
  • Tucson IONS Community Group
  • Casper IONS Virtual Community Group

Pacific Standard Time (PST, UTC -8)

  • Nevada County IONS Community Group
  • Santa Cruz IONS Community Group

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