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May 6, 2019
Andrea Livingston, Communications Team

The IONS Conference has spanned over 30 years, featured over 700 world-renowned speakers, and gathered over 15,000 people.  A conference that has inspired, ignited, and showcased new scientific discoveries and technologies. A gathering unlike any other where you can discuss cutting-edge ideas about consciousness, transformation, technology, extraordinary human capacities, and mind-body healing.

Our Founder Edgar Mitchell carefully architected the IONS International Conference to showcase, test, and give insight into the hypothesis that IONS was founded on: we are all interconnected. This year, our speakers and program will continue to expand that legacy at our 18th International Conference on July 18-21 in Santa Clara, CA.

Not only will there be world-renowned speakers at the IONS Conference, such as pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation, Deepak Chopra,  Pixar co-founder Loren Carpenter, NASA Astrobiologist Bruce Damer,  civil rights expert john a. powell, and indigenous artist and speaker Pat McCabe, but we will be joined by an incredibly passionate global community of seekers, changemakers, and healers.

Check out our full list of presenters!

As Sal Khan said, “Great people are attracted to great people and great visions.” We would love your help getting the right people in the room to truly have the most impactful event.

How can you help? Become an IONS Champion! Here’s how it works:

  • Secure your space at the conference – buy your ticket now
  • Bring TWO friends to the conference, get a free IONS online course of your choice
  • Bring FIVE friends and get a free conference ticket plus a free online course

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We look forward to welcoming you, your peers, and friends in July.

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