IONS 2021 NextGen Consciousness in Action Award Recipient

March 2, 2022
Experience & Engagement Team

The Institute of Noetic Sciences acknowledges the significance of expanding the legacy and accessibility of noetic science to the next generation of explorers who are uniquely positioned to take this field to new heights. Every other year, IONS selects individuals under age 35 who are bringing noetic perspectives to the world and presents them with the NextGen Consciousness in Action Awards. Winners of the Award each receive a $1,000 prize and are invited to speak at one or more events sponsored by IONS, which help to share information about their important work.

IONS is deeply committed to the healing and well-being of people and the planet, so we recognize the importance of supporting those that contribute to our collective transformation. We seek to celebrate the next generation researchers, practitioners, and visionaries striving to make a positive impact with an expanded vision of reality and creative solutions to the world’s challenges.

While there are many awards and scholarships for young activists and leaders, few of these are centered around consciousness and the role it plays in transformation, healing, and exploration. As noetic seekers, we are continuously looking for ways to illustrate our deep interconnection and where we, as humans, can improve life for all on this planet.

IONS received many inspirational applications in 2021 and we are thrilled to see the abundance of creativity, passion, intellect, and empathy in the developing wave of noetic science. From these submissions, one honoree has been chosen.

IONS 2021 Consciousness in Action Award Recipient

IONS is delighted to announce the recipient of the 2021 NextGen Consciousness in Action Award: Jo’el Adifon

Jo’el AdifonJo’el Adifon is a portafortuna (“fortune bringer”), reality maker, and performance artist. He shares a birthday with Peter Pan, frequently argues with spirits, and enjoys shocking audiences with real magic. Drawing from his Italian origins, West African roots, and interdisciplinary studies, Jo’el blends transpersonal psychology and physiology with lifelong immersion in the supernatural. His craft explores the alignment of Grace and Luck, the suspension of disbelief, the untapped magic all around us, and the proximal power to make things real.

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Interested in learning more about the IONS Consciousness in Action Award? Get inspired by checking out some of our past winners, watch a video of the awards at the 2019 IONS International Conference, and explore the winners from the first year the award was offered at the 2017 IONS International Conference.


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