How to Invite Spirituality into Mental Healthcare

January 25, 2019
Communications Team

IONS President Cassandra Vieten, who is the co-author of Spiritual and Religious Competencies in Clinical Practice talked to Emma Bragdon, PhD, about why it is important to increase public awareness and also the training of mental health workers so those in crises can obtain the support they need.

Dr. Bragdon is the executive dirctor of Integrative Mental Health for You, a nonprofit dedicated to education and research about the positive potentials of spiritual, aka “energy” therapies. They have embarked on a film project to be produced in 2019 that will help train therapists on caring for those in spiritual emergency. As a member of their advisory board, Dr. Vieten was pleased to contribute her knowledge and share information from her book in a video interview to support their efforts to raise money to produce this film. The see the interview, please click the button below. And for more information about the film and how you can get involved, please visit the IMHY website.

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