Introducing Five New IONS Community Groups!

June 17, 2021
Engagement Team

Please join us in welcoming these newly formed IONS Community Groups:

Hungary IONS Community Group: Piliscsaba, Pest, Hungary
Overview: The group meets to discuss and explore the concept of consciousness and how the Mind affects matter to bring change in our lives.
Meets: At 7:00pm on the last Saturday of the month
Connect: Please email Dr. David Marmaros

Pacific Northwest IONS Community Group: Portland, Oregon, United States
Overview: Safe space celebrating the individual and collective human experience through the lens of consciousness. Deeply learn to love one’s personal light frequencies and authenticity without judgment to heal trauma. Focus on mind-body-spirit vibrational ascension to quiet the ego, be present and at one with universal intelligence so that peace is manifest in our daily lives.
Meets: At 2:00pm on the first and third Sunday of the month.
Connect: Please email Samantha Hirtler

North Chennai IONS Community Group: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Overview: If you are interested in psi phenomena and if you believe there is more to our understanding about consciousness or you have encountered mystic ecstatic experience here is the discussion group for you. This is also a book club on noetic science and a discussion on related resources and networks.
Meets: To be determined, starting June 2021
Connect: Please email Raj Kumar

Sydney IONS Community Group: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Overview: A supportive place to consider opinions & perspectives of the interconnectedness of science & spirituality. Also to discuss how that relates to our personal experiences & practices with intuition, & consciousness.
Purpose: To become more aware of IONS research & projects, recent developments in science and spirituality, as well as how this impacts our own beliefs and actions in our everyday lives, and our shared realities.
Meets: 1st Thursday of each month at 5:30pm AEST
Connect: Please email Amanda Lauria

Vicente López IONS Community Group: Olivos ,Vicente López, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Overview: Comunidad comprometida con el debate del despertar espiritual apoyado en la ciencia para dar respuestas concretas a las necesidades sociales apoyándonos en las Ciencias Noeticas.
Meets: Primer y tercer Miércoles 7:00pm de cada mes.
Connect: Please email Pablo Hugo Gobbi

To view a full list of IONS Community Groups around the world, please visit our Global Community Network page!

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