Introducing 10 New IONS Community Groups!

July 14, 2020
Dominic Olivo, Experience & Engagement Team

Please join us in welcoming the following new IONS Community Groups:

Great Lakes IONS Community Group: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Overview: We are exploring how to realize a world with more freedom, consciousness and happiness, for all. We bridge science with sage, theory, research and practice and create unique experiences to be.
Meets: On the 20th of each month.
Connect: Please reach out to Luis Gallardo via email for a link to join the online group!

Fort Lauderdale IONS Community Group: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Overview: We explore awareness and development of its maximum potential and its influence on collective consciousness according to the IONS guidelines.
Meets: On the second Sunday of each month at 10:00am on Skype: meditationfortheworld
Connect: Please reach out to Yara Saez via email

South Sound IONS Community Group: Tacoma, Washington, United States
Overview: Interested in the interface of consciousness and science? Do you desire exploring and sharing your passions with like-minded people about the nature of reality?
Meets: At 3:00pm on the third Sunday of the month
Connect: Please reach out to Emmy Ryden via email

Binfield IONS Community Group: Binfield / Virtual, England, United Kingdom
Overview: A discussion group for anyone interested in the topics of wellness and consciousness. This can be anything from how to improve mental and emotional wellbeing to spirituality and beyond.
Meets: At 7:00pm on Tuesdays.
Connect: Please reach out to Sophie Angel via email

Space Coast IONS Community Group: Titusville, Florida, United States
Overview: The Space Coast IONS Community Group meets at the American Space Museum, right in our founder, Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s backyard. Our goals are to discuss the experiential human condition combined with the newest scientific research available through IONS vast database and collections within a local setting with the freedom to ask questions, seek real answers and speak of our own unique experiences.
Meets: On the last Sunday of each month.
Connect: Please reach out to Barbara McGillicuddy via email

Central Oregon IONS Community Group: Redmond, Oregon, United States
Overview: This group is for individuals who enjoy conscious living and have personally experienced noetic transformation that seek a better connection or sense of community in the not so conscious world.
Meets: Online / Virtually with Zoom technology
Connect: Please reach out to Sunny Massey via email

Yintelligence IONS Virtual Community Group: Zurich / Virtual, Switzerland
Overview: Exploring and providing experimental evidence of the interconnectedness of consciousness.
Meets: Virtually / Online using Zoom and Skype technologies
Connect: Please reach out to Gabriel Felley via email

Anaheim IONS Community Group: Anaheim, California, United States
Overview: Through music & a message — my goal is to educate the millennial demographic as well as the general public on the truth of the subject. Introducing the UFO phenomena in a new light of objectiveness, seriousness & free from all prior concepts. This topic has been subjected to ridicule, argumentum ad hominem & interdiction towards members within the scientific community, who support the efforts of disclosure.
Meets: On the last weekend of every month
Connect: Please reach out to Tyler Zahradnik via email

Escola de Criativos IONS Community Group: Campinas, SP, Brazil
Overview: Grupo de Estudos e Pesquisa em Ciências Noéticas, que pretende, através do método teórico-experimental, descobrir respostas para indagações milenares; Visando atuar com diversas práticas que procuram mensurar a relação mútua entre consciência e corpo físico. Busca de desenvolvimento mental baseado em conhecimentos científicos.
Meets: 19h00 – última quinta-feira de cada mês
Connect: Please reach out to Roberto Claret via email

OpenHeart IONS Virtual Community Group: Estavayer-le-Lac / Virtual, Fribourg, Switzerland
Overview: We will explore the power and the boundaries of the consciousness with an open heart.
Meets: We will meet once a month occasionally in a private location otherwise on virtual platforms | The group leader will give the necessary information.
Connect: Please reach out to Patricia Wiesner via email

To view a full list of IONS Community Groups around the world, please visit our Global Community Network page!

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