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May 26, 2017
Communications Team

Members of the Institute of Noetic Sciences form a community of individuals on this planet who know the conventional ideas of how the world works are insufficient, and that we are really capable of much more.

Perhaps like us, you suspect that reality is more than physical, that we are interconnected in ways we are only beginning to understand, that there are sources of information and healing that go beyond the five senses, that our intentions have power, and that collective consciousness is key to co-creating a better world. And, you are willing to invest the time and money it will take to rigorously explore these hypotheses.

As a member of IONS you are supporting the largest multi-disciplinary, highest-expertise science team in the world dedicated to studying the extended reaches of our consciousness. We invite you to make a contribution at one of our membership levels to ensure this frontier consciousness research continues to thrive.

Please consider a contribution that is right for you, including an Annual Membership of $60, Sustaining Member at $10/month, Circle Member at $1,000/year or $88.84/month, or join our President’s Circle with a game-changing contribution of $5000 or more. If you are already a member, please consider making a one-time donation today to continue to affirm this work.

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As a member of IONS, your investment is:

Developing transcendence technologies that use software, mobile apps, and virtual and augmented reality to support elevating consciousness. See the video of the interactive interview with IONS Innovation Lab Director Julia Mossbridge.


Harnessing noetic principles and the science of transformation to boost the effectiveness of change-makers in responding to the divides in today’s society, divides in today’s society. See to the webinar of President Cassandra Vieten.

Discovering the true power of collective consciousness to shape our world. Read the Burning Man Special Report.


Bringing consciousness science and noetic best practices to young people around the world through our NextGen Initiative and Worldview Explorations program.

Your investment ensures that rigorous science will continue to be conducted on the further reaches of human potential. You are joining thousands of others who believe that we can do better—a community of visionaries who simply refuse to settle for the way things are, and are willing to boldly create a new framework for living, through a combination of both science and inner wisdom.

Thank you for joining us in funding this extraordinary and fundamental work. Together, we are creating a future that works for all.

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