HumanCurrent Podcast: Exploring the Science of What Connects Us

August 25, 2017
Communications Team

Angie and Haley, the hosts of the podcast HumanCurrent, recently attended the IONS 17th International Conference. Gifted their tickets from friend Doug, they describe their introduction to IONS and conference presenters and attendees as being “amazing” and “transformational.” To quote Angie, “I’ve been to a lot of conferences in my time, and I’ve never been to a conference quite like the IONS conference. It’s no wonder Doug has gone so many times!”

Along with sharing their personal impressions, Angie and Haley also interviewed IONS President Cassandra Vieten. Take a listen on Soundcloud, or check out the interview on iTunes (episode 60). Perhaps, like Angie and Haley, while listening you’ll be inspired raise a glass and toast to “new-found inner knowing!”

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