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March 3, 2022
Science Team

IONS has launched a new research study and is seeking experienced meditators to participate!

Stargate meditation connects meditators to what is believed to be a quantum healing portal. A few thousand people worldwide have participated in this type of meditation and have experienced effects such as:

  • Floating sensations
  • Energies/vibrations (localized or flowing throughout the body)
  • Visual phenomena (e.g., lights, spirits or other beings, landscapes, sacred geometry)
  • Unusual sounds
  • Past life memories
  • Emotional/physical healings
  • Deep relaxation
  • Drowsiness

This research study’s purpose is to further evaluate the impact of stargate meditation by utilizing the IONS Discovery Lab (IDL) measures. As part of IDL, we study a variety of different noetic practices and this study is part of that effort. The Stargate Meditation Study aims to assess the possible impact of individual perception of the stargate meditation in a large group of people.

The study involves:

  1. Completing two online surveys (@25 minutes each)
  2. Attending 20-minute Zoom guided meditations at 9:00 AM Pacific Time on March 21-25 and March 28-30 (8 sessions total)
  3. Completing eight 5-minute online surveys, one after each guided meditation

Participants who complete the study will be entered to win one of two prizes of $250. The chances of receiving this compensation are dependent on the number of participants in the study.

Learn more & Participate

This IONS Discovery Lab research study is being conducted by Dr. Helane Wahbeh at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, IRB# #WAHH_2021_06_IDL+StarGate.

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