Gratitude that Transforms Us

December 30, 2016
Communications Team

Research into the brain has revealed that gratitude is a social emotion; it is an experience of a deeper sense of connection and trust that transforms us. In giving thanks, we shift our perspective; we free ourselves from fear and stress, and open our hearts to opportunity, potential, and happiness.

In this time of uncertainty, looking into the future, we want to recognize this unifying emotion and give attention to its transformative power.

In the spirit of appreciation, we asked our IONS family: What are you grateful for?

I am grateful for the ocean and how the sea breeze calms my soul. I am grateful for the fall leaves that bring warmth to my heart. I am grateful for my loved ones who light up my life and bring me great joy. I am grateful for seasons of change and the power of forgiveness.
– Christie Larson, Database Administrator

My grandchildren. They are the light of my life!
– Debra Jonsson, Director EarthRise Transformative Learning Center

I am grateful to have a life filled with loving, supportive people who I know I can count on in times of darkness, can dance with in times of joy, and can share a hug with always.
– Kerstin Sjoquist, Digital Information Director

I am grateful for my grandchildren.
– Jane Halpin, Accounts Manager

I am grateful for my son.
– Jenny Mathews, Research, Education and Conference Coordinator

I am grateful for access to stillness that I may find balance and comfort after a hard day.
– Johnny Calvert, Chief Financial Officer

I am grateful for friendship.
– Justine Maclean, Conference Coordinator

I am grateful for choices; they are empowering.
– Leena Michel, Lab Manager

As we head into a new year, we invite you to reflect: What am I grateful for? Share with us on Facebook!

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