Giving Tuesday — A Day of Giving and Receiving

December 8, 2020
Lisa French, Executive Director of Development

Sincere thanks to all who participated in Giving Tuesday! This year marked the very first time that IONS launched a robust Giving Tuesday effort and it was a success on many levels! As you may know, IONS decided to provide one free gift every hour on Giving Tuesday. All of our video gifts combined were viewed 625 times in total with the most popular being, The Science of Consciousness. The videos of our Facebook Live events have been viewed a total of 2,472 times to date.

While Giving Tuesday has ended, many of these gifts are still available throughout the month of December — peruse the list below to access these offerings.

  1. The Science of Consciousness — Personal, Relational, Global, and Beyond
    There is evidence that consciousness goes beyond the brain. IONS Director of Research Helané Wahbeh reviews the research in this 20-minute video.
  2. Noetic Leadership: An Inspirational Quest
    This gift is no longer available for free — become an IONS Member to watch
    Check out this 90-minute Noetic Leadership webinar recording with IONS CEO Claire Lachance and Anita Sanchez, PhD.
  3. Poems from a Noetic Scientist
    What beats in the heart of a noetic scientist? A poet! Read consciousness poetry by Dr. Arnaud Delorme.
  4. Change Your Reality: Being Your True Story, the Pathway to Happiness
    An inspiring 20-minute talk by the author of The Four Agreements, don Miguel Ruiz, from the 2015 IONS Conference.
  5. Living Deeply: Practices from the World’s Transformative Traditions (online course)
    This gift is no longer available for free — purchase course for $29
    Nine experiential practices guided by master teachers of transformative traditions.
  6. A Meditation to Support Your Immune System
    Try out this 8-minute meditation from Dr. Helané Wahbeh that guides you into a meditative state that supports your immune system.
  7. Spontaneous Remission Bibliography
    Our #1 visited publications webpage: the largest database of medically reported cases of spontaneous remission in the world (PDF download).
  8. “7 Tools to Help Your Child Deal with Conflict”
    A free PDF eBook for tumultuous times.
  9. Future of Meditation Research (online course)
    This gift is no longer available for free — purchase course for $79
    Sign up to get expert recommendations for expanding research on the science of contemplation.
  10. “Possibilities of Quantum Holography” with Edgar Mitchell
    IONS founder Edgar Mitchell shares his journey to embrace theories of the non-locality of consciousness, and the implications for science and society in this 80-minute audio recording.
  11. Facebook Live Event: IONS — Consciousness and the Physical World (recording)
    Presented by IONS Chief Scientist Dr. Dean Radin
  12. Science and Spiritual Practices
    This gift is no longer available for free — become an IONS Member to watch
    IONS Fellow Dr. Rupert Sheldrake on how his hypothesis of morphic resonance enables spiritual practices to be understood in a new light in this 35-minute video from our 2019 Conference.
  13. Facebook Live Event: Noetic Leadership (recording)
    Presented by IONS CEO Claire Lachance
  14. Collective Consciousness and the Overview Effect
    This gift is no longer available for free — become an IONS Member to watch
    Check out this thought-provoking 75-minute webinar on the Overview Effect — a phrase inspired by IONS Founder Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s epiphany in space — including NASA astronaut Mae Jemison.
  15. Anchoring Meditation
    A free 11-minute anchoring meditation using an autogenics technique — by IONS Senior Designer of Experience Nina Fry-Kizler, MA.
  16. Facebook Live Event: Noetic Signature — Accessing the Beyond (recording)
    Presented by IONS Director of Research Dr. Helané Wahbeh
  17. “Who Might Survive the Death of the Body” with Charles Tart
    A fascinating 65-minute audio recording from Dr. Charles Tart — a founder of the field of transpersonal psychology known for his work on altered states of consciousness.
  18. Water Drop Meditation
    Refresh with “Water Drop,” a 10-minute Bliss Trip guided meditation journey by IONS Director of Experience & Engagement, Kerstin Sjoquist.
  19. Facebook Live Event: Got Psi? (recording)
    Presented by IONS Scientist Dr. Arnaud Delorme
  20. The Challenge and Realization of Inner and Outer Space
    This gift is no longer available for free — become an IONS Member to watch
    An intriguing 30-minute presentation by Bruce Damer, PhD, from our 2019 IONS Conference.
  21. An End to Upside Down Thinking
    Dispelling the myth that the brain produces consciousness, IONS Board Member Mark Gober aims to reshape our view of human potential in this 50-minute video.
  22. “If we colonize Mars, will we become a different species?”
    Dr. Garret Yount separates the myth from reality in this short interview.
  23. Dare To Be Dauntless with Amikaeyla Gaston
    This gift is no longer available for free — become an IONS Member to watch
    Amikaeyla Gaston ignites the belief that the deepest wounds and most devastating losses can be healed. Check out this 30-minute talk from our 2017 IONS Conference — Amikaeyla’s message still resonates so strongly.
  24. Hope Intervention Meditation
    Enjoy this 12-minute Hope Intervention Meditation from IONS Fellow Dr. Michael Sapiro.

If you have not yet made a gift, we invite you to do so before the end of the calendar year. All gifts up to $250,000 will be matched 1:1. If you’ve already made a gift, thank you! Please share this link with your friends and family: This year, perhaps more than any other year in the history of IONS, the financial support from our members and donors is needed and will have a significant impact on the continuation of our critically important work to awaken a noetic world.

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