Finding My Moonshot

September 10, 2019
Michele Kattke, PhD

The 2019 IONS International Conference: The Possibility Accelerator was a soul-inspiring experience with unimagined synchronicities and accelerated possibilities! I was honored to contribute a Spotlight Talk on “An Overview of Crystal Technology for Energy Healing and Biofield Research” with the intention of presenting the science of crystal energy for healing subtle energy fields as the foundation for an online course. The universe not only listened to my intention, but responded with a dream come true!

After the Spotlight Talk, I was approached by Dr. Paul Drouin, Founder of Quantum University, a pioneering online university that blends quantum physics principles with integrative medicine. Magnetically drawn together through consciousness resonance, Paul and I share a vision to educate and mentor others in meditation and holistic, subtle energy healing — a mission that is personally inspired by my mother who has treated her schizoaffective disorder with Kriya Yoga Meditation from Paramahamsa Yogananda for over 40 years.

Since the IONS International Conference, Paul and I have established a collaboration to create a quantum crystallography course for Quantum University, which will highlight the science of crystallography, the application of Quartz crystals for healing subtle energy anatomy and consciousness, and the crystalline systems of the human body.

We are also exploring a collaboration to perform global-scale, non-local intention and meditation research with Project Noosphere, a meditation platform spreading the intention to “Heal Yourself, Heal the World.”

I feel so much gratitude to IONS for their scholarship support and to all of the inspiring friends and collaborators who I met during the conference! My soul is smiling with the soul expansion that is taking place on this IONS-inspired journey into the unknown.

About the Author

Michele Kattke, PhDMichele Kattke, PhD, is the Co-Founder of Empathic Therapeutics, a drug discovery startup targeting precise neural circuits to develop the next generation of neuropsychiatric treatments. Michele is certified in Hypnotherapy and Crystal Energy, and she is exploring the interface of conventional science and subtle energy to innovate and evolve consciousness.

To learn more about Dr. Michele Kattke’s collaboration with Dr. Paul Drouin, Quantum University, and Project Noosphere, please visit:

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