Extraordinary Abilities, a NextGen Video Series

October 19, 2016
Communications Team

As part of our NextGen Initiative, IONS intern Adrian Nelson created Extraordinary Abilities, a  series of videos designed to  introduce the fascinating research investigating telepathy, mind-matter interaction, precognition, and the sense of being stared at.

These effects are controversial, but evidence they exist is mounting, and some of the data suggests our minds participate in the world much more intimately than materialistic explanations of consciousness accommodate. Researchers think these psychic—or “psi”—effects could indicate that consciousness is more than a biological quirk, and might instead reflect a fundamental aspect of reality. The YouTube description of each video references the various studies for viewers to explore.

Adrian said he had a lot of fun making these videos, and hopes they are able to capture the profundity of the research while also making it accessible to a wider audience. Be sure to share these videos with your friends, and subscribe to IONS YouTube channel.

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