Exploring Transformative Practices and Divine Balance

April 19, 2019
Helané Wahbeh, Director of Research

The IONS Discovery Lab (IDL) is looking for transformative practices for our large, multidisciplinary study. Through a series of highly-curated questions and tests, we will gain rich insights into profound human experiences including interconnectedness, extended human capacities, and well-being, before and after people engage in transformational practices (such as in workshops and retreats). Our goal is to learn how these experiences work and ways to maximize their values. IONS also provides workshop leaders who participate in the IONS Discover Lab with a no-cost, third-party evaluation of their work.

Our Director of Research, Helané Wahbeh, recently interviewed Brad Laughlin of Corelight to learn more about why hosting his retreat at the IONS EarthRise Campus and participating in the IONS Discovery Lab is important to him. Corelight is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the awakening of the global heart through nondual teachings, workshops, and meditation tours around the world.

Helané: Brad, will you tell me a bit about your upcoming workshop at our IONS EarthRise campus?

Brad: It’s called Alchemy of the Heart—Uniting the Divine Feminine and Masculine Within and, in short, it’s about living in love. We are at an unprecedented, pivotal moment in planetary evolution, and a new paradigm of heart-centered consciousness is birthing. For millennia, the head has ruled over the heart, the masculine has dominated the feminine and fear has ruled over love. These imbalances have resulted in a shutting down of the Great Heart and have brought our systems to the brink of collapse. Now, we are in a time of unparalleled change and challenge.

The suppressed power of the feminine is reawakening and tempering with the world’s out-of-balance masculine energies. Uniting the divine feminine and masculine within is like a sacred marriage, a profound integration into unity consciousness, which leads to a state of unconditional love. When feminine and masculine support, nurture and collaborate with each other in balance and harmony—instead of competing or controlling—love is the result.

Helané: One of the ways of helping humanity that was shared during our Mt. Shasta channeling study was to show people ways to balance the masculine and feminine that is within each one of us. The study’s goal was to understand the nature of channeling and learn more about the channelers experience through a focus group of five full-trance channelers. We found five common themes from the qualitative analysis of the channeled content: 1) mechanisms of channeling; 2) the need to awaken humanity and methods by which to do so; 3) the nature of reality; 4) descriptions of multi-dimensional beings and worlds; and 5) suggestions for advancing channeling research. There are more people talking about how to balance masculine and feminine and the rise of feminine power, like we’ve seen in the “Me Too” movement. What are some unique aspects of your workshop?

Brad: At the Alchemy of the Heart retreat, we are not only going to deepen our understanding of the topic but also apply personal practices that ground the spiritual principles and help participants embody love, peace and balance in everyday life. This includes putting our love into action in the world—in service to the Earth, to others, to nature—which is the natural out-picturing of living a life defined by love. This is how we will transform our reality.

Helané: We know that you have many places you could choose to host your workshop. Why did you choose IONS EarthRise Campus for your workshop?

Brad: EarthRise is an exquisitely beautiful place and is very conducive to the work of transformation in consciousness.

Helané: Yes, we find that the EarthRise land and nature also supports transformative work. How do you feel CoreLight and IONS’ work are aligned with each other?

Brad: I have always respected IONS as a pioneer and a leader in the great paradigm shift into heart-centered consciousness, peace and Truth. Our mission at CoreLight is to help awaken the global heart and to promote peace in the world through helping people develop personal, inner peace. I discovered IONS when they reviewed our first book, The Marriage of Spirit—Enlightened Living in Today’s World, and I realized we had a similar mission.

Helané: What about the IONS Discovery Lab excites you?

Brad: The core of CoreLight’s mission is, “Change the world by changing yourself.” So there’s a direct tie-in here with IDL. Quantifying transformation in consciousness is extraordinary and pioneering!

Helané: Why do you think it is important to see how your workshop affects your participants?

Brad: For the participants to see quantifiable evidence of their own transformation is an empowerment for them. And, for me to know how effectively the guidance and tools are helping others live in love, truth and inner peace helps me be a better teacher and lead more effective workshops.

Have you experienced a profound shift in your life from a modality or are a teacher of work that needs to be studied? Learn more about how you can collaborate with us in the IONS Discovery Lab.

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