Exploring the Thriving Life Paradigm from an Indigenous Perspective

March 3, 2021
Experience & Engagement Team

We are delighted to welcome Diné (Navajo) activist, artist, writer and ceremonial leader, Pat McCabe, to our ConnectIONS Live Series on Friday March 5th at 11:00 am PST to explore what a paradigm for thriving life could look like. According to Indigenous wisdom, every single member of the Sacred Hoop of Life has a perfect design to uphold its part of the Hoop — including humanity. As cracks in foundational beliefs begin to appear, as imposed knowledge gives way to inner feeling, inner knowing, and inner perceiving, we can re-examine this honor we have been gifted, this place humanity has in the circle.

Pat McCabe
Pat McCabe, Diné (Navajo) Activist, Artist, Writer and Ceremonial Leader

We are in a perfect position to reconsider, in all new ways, aspects of our perfect design for thriving life. What does it mean to have come here as masculine? What does it mean to have come here as feminine? Who are we? And how are we all related? Please join us on Friday, March 5th as we explore these rising opportunities from an indigenous perspective.

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