Exploring the Outer Limits of Inner Space

December 14, 2017
Dean Radin, IONS Chief Scientist

I’m Dean Radin, Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. I have been engaged in scientific research at the frontiers of consciousness for nearly 40 years. I was in graduate school when IONS was founded in 1973, and I thought that its mission, described then as exploring the outer limits of inner space, was just as exciting — maybe even more so — than exploring the limits of outer space. The idea of science probing the fundamental nature of consciousness, and ultimately understanding who and what we are, is thrilling.

If this type of scientific exploration is also thrilling to you, please join me in making a special end-of-year gift to support this work.

Today, IONS has the largest, multidisciplinary team in the world charged with stretching the boundaries of what is known about consciousness and our interconnectedness. Our team of seven senior scientists, four research assistants, and six global fellows are all experts in their fields, weaving together neuroscience, psychophysiology, physics, computer science and engineering, medical research, clinical and experimental psychology, and molecular neurobiology.

It is because of committed individuals just like you that IONS continues to deliver groundbreaking scientific research, publish dozens of peer-reviewed papers a year, and advance the conversation about who we are and what we are capable of.

Please become a Member today by making a contribution.

From innumerable anecdotes, and now supported by laboratory studies, we know that we all have access to an interconnected form of consciousness that is not limited by space and time. Please make a gift to IONS to help us continue to explore modes of awareness that transcend the brain and body. Besides their fascinating scientific implications, these experiences also imply that some aspect of consciousness may survive bodily death.

In 2018, we are also launching the new IONS Discovery Lab (IDL), which will conduct systematic pre- and post-assessments from the many modalities of healing and transformation that are conducted in workshops at our EarthRise campus. In IDL’s first year we plan to measure at least 1,000 people, and over time as we collect more data we will create the world’s largest database on psychological, physiological, biochemical, and genetic factors associated with transformative practices.

We do not need precognition to anticipate that 2018 will bring a host of exciting new discoveries from our explorations at the frontiers of consciousness. How far we can go depends on your support. Thank you for your partnership.

Ut spatium intra limites (to the frontiers of inner space),

Dean Radin
IONS Chief Scientist

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