Exploring Conscious Elderhood

February 7, 2018
Communications Team

Ron Pevny, director of the Center for Conscious Eldering, proposes that there is a big difference between being elderly and being an elder. Through his work, he encourages and challenges people coming into their later years to aim high and live a life of deep meaning, purpose, and true elderhood.

The call to live consciously and grow toward wholeness naturally arises as we age, but in modern culture it is often hard to hear that call. Tune into this inspiring 40-minute video from the Age Without Borders Summit as Ron describes what it means to age consciously, and gives practices in support of this evolving process.

Are you interested in going deeper? Ron Pevny is teaming up with the IONS Conscious Aging program to offer the Conscious Aging Personal Enrichment Workshop, March 26th-28th at our beautiful EarthRise Retreat Center in Northern California. This powerful experience provides the space and the opportunity for participants to explore their potential for growth, sense of purpose, service and fulfillment in life’s later chapters. Click here to learn more and register!

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