New ebook by Ervin Lazslo: Timeless Truths and Timely Wisdom

May 4, 2022
Experience & Engagement Team

What turned a young concert pianist into a consciousness researcher, author, and think-tank founder, promoting the connectedness of all things as the path to world peace? 

In this ebook, you’ll get the answer. Ervin Lazslo has an impressive track record – among other achievements, he has written over 100 books and been nominated to Nobel’s Peace Prize twice. His life’s mission is to spread the awareness of our interconnectedness as a means of overcoming conflict and suffering. 

In the brand new ebook Timeless Truths and Timely Wisdom, you can read David Lorimer’s interview with Ervin on behalf of IONS. This fascinating interview tells the story of how Ervin went from concert pianist in Switzerland to being headhunted as a researcher in the United States. He recounts all the philosophers and thinkers that inspired him to see the world differently and dream a new world into being. You’ll also learn about how he met Dalai Lama and the creations that sprung from their encounter! Also – why he thinks the term United Nations is misleading, despite many years of working for the organization, and what he suggests instead. 

ConnectIONS Live is IONS series of free webinars on cutting-edge research within noetic sciences. This ebook is a transcript of a ConnectIONS Live from 2021.

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