The Epiphany that Birthed IONS

January 6, 2021
Experience Team

On February 5, 1971 Captain Edgar Mitchell, along with fellow Apollo 14 astronauts Alan Shepard and Stuart Roosa, landed on the surface of the moon. During this historic nine hour and twenty-three minute moonwalk, they were tasked with conducting in-depth research on the lunar surface — taking pictures, leaving behind scientific measuring devices, and collecting more than 93 pounds of samples.

On February 6, after more than 33 total hours on the lunar surface, the astronauts began their journey back to Earth. And although the moonwalk itself was historic, it was an experience that Edgar Mitchell had on the return trip to Earth that would shape his life for decades to come and contribute to the awakening of the planet.

As his spaceship traveled back from the moon amidst the vast darkness of the cosmos, Dr. Mitchell’s eyes became fixed on the blue sphere we call home. As he neared Earth, he was enveloped by a profound sense of universal connectedness.

I realized that the story of ourselves as told by science — our cosmology, our religion — was incomplete and likely flawed. I recognized that the Newtonian idea of separate, independent, discrete things in the universe wasn’t a fully accurate description. What was needed was a new story of who we are and what we are capable of becoming.Dr. Edgar Mitchell

Dr. Mitchell’s transformative experience led him to establish the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) in 1973. He understood that by applying the scientific rigor used in his explorations of outer space, we could better understand the mysteries of inner space — the space in which he felt an undeniable sense of interconnection and oneness.

As we approach the 50th anniversary of this momentous occasion, we hope you will join us for a special online event on February 5th. To celebrate the anniversary, we’ll be joined by thought leaders, scientists, and IONS leaders who will reflect on the profound legacy of Edgar’s epiphany and how it continues today — driving an expansion of consciousness around the world.

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