Entangled Photons – Online Experiment Now Available!

June 14, 2017
Communications Team

A central mystery in the phenomenon of quantum entanglement is called nonlocality. This refers to connections between objects that transcend the ordinary constraints of space and time. One way to observe this effect in the lab is between pairs of photons prepared in certain ways.

The question which arises is whether quantum entanglement may be related to commonly reported experiences suggestive of direct mind-matter interactions. Such experiences are considered strange because, like entanglement, they appear to transcend the ordinary boundaries of space and time. Some argue that quantum entanglement is irrelevant for understanding these experiences. Others suggest that quantum biological effects open the door to possible explanations.

We have launched a new online experiment which explores the non-local property displayed in quantum physics and its possible relationship to the equally strange property of the mind — and we would love for you to participate!

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