Edgewalkers: A Leadership Archetype of Change

January 31, 2022
Experience & Engagement Team

We continued our Noetic Leadership in Action series on January 28th with a special webinar featuring Judi Neal, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Edgewalkers International. Hosted by IONS CEO, Claire Lachance, they explored the leadership archetype of the Edgewalker and discussed why it is relevant to business and change initiatives in today’s world.

Edgewalkers are those who are always at the forefront of change, who walk “between worlds,” and have the ability to build bridges between different realms. They are described as having a strong inner life and yet are grounded and effective in the everyday external world. They look to the future and are focused on the possibilities.

We invite you to watch a replay of this webinar, Edgewalkers: A Leadership Archetype of Change, available to all until Friday, February 4, 2022. After that date, it becomes a benefit of IONS membership and only Members will have access to the video.


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