The Night Watch: Dreams Really Are Precognitive

September 29, 2022
Theresa Cheung with Dr. Helané Wahbeh

Dreams foreshadowing the future – AKA precognitive dreams – have been reported throughout time in every culture and belief system. The elements of a dream playing out in waking life, inducing a sensational moment of déjà vu, has likely happened to you at some point. Despite the normality of this experience, it is only recently that sleep and dream experts, scientists, and psychologists have stopped dismissing night visions as random.

Co-creating this Night Watch blog is a precognitive dream come true. I’ve been writing bestselling dream dictionaries and books for decades, inspired or informed by true precognitive dream stories that have been sent to me by my readers. I am a Sunday Times bestselling author with a degree in Theology and English from King’s College, Cambridge University, but I’m not a scientist. Indeed, I’d given up on the science existing for supernormal experiences. You can imagine my joy and excitement when about seven years ago, I discovered the ongoing research at IONS and their team of scientists willing to take an active interest in the witness statements or evidence I had been collating. Forgive the pun (but the dreaming mind loves puns). It was a dream come true. From that moment on, I have constantly referred my readers back not just to the future but also to science. The science is revealing that there is overwhelming statistical evidence to suggest that precognition is real. Precognition can happen when awake but is most likely to occur when you are asleep and dreaming. Indeed, I’m fast coming to the conclusion that every dream has a precognitive element. It foreshadows a potential future.

Sharing your experience

As Dr. Wahbeh has shared with me, precognitive dreams are an ordinary spontaneous channeling experience people have. The late nineteenth-century researcher Eleanor M. Sidgwick found that two-thirds of people she researched had their precognition information arise in their dreams (Alvarado 2008). IONS has also received many of these stories from our research on noetic experiences (Wahbeh, 2022). For example, one person had a dream that someone had stolen their bicycle keys. They woke up the following day to find that their bicycle had been stolen. Another person dreamt their credit card, which was lost five months earlier, was hidden under an old receipt under the passenger seat of their car. They woke up in the morning and checked, and lo and behold, the credit card was there. IONS has collected hundreds of these personal experiences and continues to gather them to collect more data. You, too, can help IONS scientists learn more about these precognitive dreams by submitting your personal experience to Noetic EXperience Archive (NEXA).

Spontaneous precognitive dream examples abound. But what about more rigorous studies in the laboratory? I learned from Dr. Wahbeh’s Science of Channeling book that knowing the future through dreams has been studied for more than twenty-five years. In laboratory dream studies, a person enters the lab and sleeps and dreams. When the person wakes up, they share their dreams with a researcher. After this happens, an image is randomly chosen for the trial. Some studies show that the dreamer can provide information about the picture beyond what a person would know by chance (Storm et al., 2017).  

Accepting precognitive dreams

The idea that we could dream about a picture chosen after waking is challenging for some people to wrap their minds around. The issue with mainstreaming the reality of precognition is that we are so indoctrinated to believe that time is linear and in cause and effect. I invite you to delve into the incredible resources available to explore the tremendous power of your dreams. You could start with Dr. Helané Wahbeh’s The Science of Channelling book, which aims to challenge this belief and help you think about the mystery of time in a radical new light. You could also explore my book The Dream Dictionary from A to Z, or The Premonition Code, coauthored by myself and IONS fellow Dr Julia Mossbridge, where you will hear compelling true precognitive dream stories and learn advice and tools to help identify your dreams’ precognitive elements. I hope that this blog will inspire you to fall in love with the infinite time-traveling potential of your night vision to heal your past, inspire your present and influence your future. I hope that from now on, you will never say, ‘it was just a dream,’ again.

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