Do Mediums and Channelers Uphold Professional Standards?

February 9, 2022
Science Team

Do you think that mediums and channelers are ethical and trustworthy? Would you hold them to similar professional standards you expect from your dentist, physical therapist, or financial planner?

Mediums are individuals who report experiencing regular communication with the deceased, while channeling can be described as the process of revealing information and energy not limited by our conventional notions of space and time (that can appear receptive or expressive). These professional fields are growing, both in terms of public interest and economic impact.

However, mediums and channelers have been stereotyped as lacking professional credibility, despite the profound insight and healing many people report when working with these practitioners. Growing research has shaped scientific understanding of those reporting mediumistic and channeling abilities, which has challenged the outdated assumption of fraudulent intent.

Education and training, as well as ethical standards and scope of practice guidelines, are vital foundations for trusted and respected professional fields in the United States. Yet currently, no broadly accepted formal structure exists to educate, guide, and support mediums and channelers in their professional work with the public. Readiness for this milestone has not yet been evaluated within the mediumship/channeling field – until now.

IONS has launched a research study to assess the readiness for a formalized structure within the United States field of professional channeling/mediumship. There are three specific aims:

  1. Identify beliefs and practices related to research, education, and training within the field;
  2. Identify beliefs related to ethical standards, codes of conduct, and scope of practice guidelines within the field;
  3. Assess views on the development of formalized professional structure within the field.

All professional mediums and/or channelers (age 18+) in the United States are invited to participate in this study regarding beliefs and practices related to formalized professional structure.

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