IONS & The Shift Network Partner to Demystify The Connection Between Your Intuition & Channeling

February 2, 2023
IONS Communications Team

IONS has shared a deep connection with The Shift Network since its inception. The Shift Network CEO Stephen Dinan is the former Director of Membership and Marketing at IONS, where he was a driving force behind our Shift in Action program prior to co-founding The Shift Network. Both organizations continue to expand outreach to accelerate a great shift in consciousness.

Now, IONS is excited to announce our expanded partnership with The Shift Network, and free online event Demystify the Connection Between Your Intuition & Channeling: Learn the Scientific Evidence Behind Our Innate Capacity to Know Beyond the 5 Senses: 

Channeling is all around us

You might know someone who channels. Perhaps you feel divinely guided by your intuition. 

Sometimes, you just know something, and even though you’re not sure about the source of this wisdom, you strongly feel that you have access to a Truth.

As trust in your intuition and understanding of the language of the unseen grows, you generate more ease and flow in your life, which ripples out to your relationships, families, communities, and beyond.

A study by IONS suggests that channeling is not only common but also that more Americans are accepting the possibility of paranormal phenomena each year. 

We propose that everyone can channel — in a way that’s unique to them.

 Even if your intuitive capacity is the common “gut feeling,” you’ll find that you can access useful channeled wisdom by appropriately cultivating the pathways to this deep internal knowing.

On Tuesday, February 7, you’ll hear and learn much more when you join IONS Director of Research Helané Wahbeh as she reveals the latest scientific research on channeling phenomena, shedding light on questions such as “How common is channeling?” and “What is the evidence that channeling is real?” 

You can register now for the FREE event from The Shift Network, Demystify the Connection Between Your Intuition & Channeling: Learn the Scientific Evidence Behind Our Innate Capacity to Know Beyond the 5 Senses

In this transformative hour, you’ll:

  • Explore what’s known about channeling from a scientific perspective
  • Discover (and normalize) how common channeling experiences are — and the traits of people who channel
  • Review the evidence of a variety of different types of channeling experiences 
  • Understand theories about how channeling works and where the channeled information may originate
  • Learn the process and technique that enhances your connection to your inner wisdom

Backed by scientific research, this workshop will help you feel less alone and confused about your intuitive experiences. 

You’ll come to discover that when you’re in a quiet, still space, you can tune in to the contraction and expansion within, and find answers to deep questions through your intuition. 

Learn how to tap into this capacity and knowledge to make better decisions and live in greater alignment with your life’s purpose.

We hope you’re able to catch the event as scheduled. But if you register and miss it, you’ll receive a downloadable recording as soon as it’s available. Learn more and check out the video from Helané here:

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