Dean Radin and Deepak Chopra Discuss Psi

January 5, 2021
Engagement Team

IONS Chief Scientist Dr. Dean Radin was thrilled to join Deepak Chopra for a live discussion on his YouTube channel The Chopra Well on December 29, 2020. His “Conversations at the Intersection of Cutting Edge Science and Spirituality” have spanned topics from cosmic resonance, to near-death studies, to photobiology.

In his most recent episode, they discuss Dean Radin’s work, including his background, his books Real Magic, Entangled Minds, and Supernormal, and his research on the paranormal. In this stimulating conversation, Deepak and Dean discuss what they mean by magic, if it is real, how they know it’s real, and how science can prove it.

Tune in to these two brilliant minds as they discuss the infinite and magical self.

Watch the Interview

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