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January 18, 2018
Communications Team

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent campaign! If you missed it, check out the video series we did on imagining a future where noetic practices and principles are infused into our daily lives. We also asked you, our community of consciousness explorers, changemakers, and visionaries, to tell us about the future you are creating and we received hundreds of responses! It is so inspiring to feel that in the face of the considerable challenges we are up against, we are also seeing a massive uprising of vision, interconnectivity, spirit, hope, and purpose rising in response.

And thank you for taking bold and visionary action! We appreciate all of you who are partnering with IONS to help manifest the vision of an interconnected, just, and sustainable world for all.

We were so inspired by the responses we received that we wanted to share some of them with you. Please read them and hear what the IONS community stands committed to. Below are just a few of the responses to the question we asked, “What future are you creating?”

“The future I’m creating deeply respects all living things, the wisdom of the ages, cultural diversity, biological diversity and is a place where we wholistically live within our means which is experienced as liberating.”

“Creating peace and awareness by teaching mindfulness to emerging adults at the university level.”

“Is a world where people realize that the oneness of all things is more than metaphor — and live their lives accordingly.”

“The future I’m creating ensures equal access to education, health services, and security for all beings.”

“To instill noetic principles into the bodies we have already created as family (down to the latest great great grandchild) and encourage participation in IONS.”

“My focus is to continue to hold a positive (light-filled) attitude in every situation possible — the ripple effect! I’m also actively involved with animal sanctuaries and rescue groups.”

“The future I am creating is to help support others to never lose hope on their journey through life, young and old.”

“The future I’m creating is one of partnership with all living beings in a harmonious, caring, and nurturing environment free of fear and hate.” 

“Mind-body practices for age-related pains, arthritis, sciatica and all age-related conditions facing the elderly.”

“The future I’m creating encourages people to pay attention to the beauty that surrounds them.”

“The future I am helping create is one where we use the mind holistically, in the way it was meant to be used, joining with body and spirit, plant, animal, and fellow humans for higher consciousness.”

Thank you again everyone for your contributions! If you haven’t yet, make a comment about the future you are creating! Together we truly can create the noetic future we have imagined.

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