How Evidence Shows the Continuity of Consciousness and How You Can Experience It Too

April 28, 2023
IONS Communications Team

Can consciousness survive physical death? Many people have pondered the question from different perspectives.

For Suzanne Giesemann, a former Navy Commander turned spiritual teacher, author, and medium, the answer to this had to be rooted in valid evidence.

In a ConnectIONS Live webinar, she shares some incredible stories from her work as an evidence-based medium. Noted afterlife researchers have verified her gift of communication with deceased people. Her messages bring hope, healing, and love to anyone who has lost someone near their heart.

Connecting with the other side

Suzanne discovered her gifts as a medium after going through a tragic loss in her family. Around 12 minutes in, she shares how her stepdaughter, Susan, got struck by lightning in 2006. As Suzanne saw her body, she got an intuitive knowing: “There’s something that animates the body – and I am gonna find it.” 

Suzanne had what she explains as a life-changing reading with a medium, where Susan came through. She began to meditate daily and made it her mission to connect with her stepdaughter. Soon, the two of them established contact through meditation. When Suzanne realized that mediumship could be learned through systems and processes, she decided to become a medium herself. 

Being scientifically oriented, Suzanne knew she wanted some type of validation of the accuracy of the information she received. She has developed a capacity to ask the souls she connects with about information that is not easy to identify, or that she could have no way of knowing. She even connected with IONS founder Edgar Mitchell 12 days after his passing in 2016, where she says he taught her how to exchange information telepathically “back and forth like a hockey puck.” You can watch the whole story around 7 minutes into the webinar, or by viewing this short video.

Suzanne highlights that we are more than “just” human. The more we can bring soul awareness into our waking lives, the more healing and connection we can experience. We anchor into the knowing that death does not mean the end, just a transition. 

Your loved ones are always present 

Suzanne also encourages everyone to be their own medium and connect with loved ones who have passed. Thirty-two minutes in, she shares about her friend Brenda, who recently, after passing, came through with the words, “I didn’t go anywhere – there’s only here.” In energetic truth, there’s no different physical place where souls go – only different vibration levels, as Suzanne explains.

Brenda started to accompany Suzanne in readings. True to her quest for evidence, Suzanne asked her now spirit friend for new information about a mutual living friend. She got the answer that their mutual friend had a toothache, which was later confirmed. 

Around 35 minutes into the webinar, we are shown a video featuring examples from readings where Suzanne manages to describe details with striking accuracy. It’s hard to watch the video without feeling in awe! 

How to distinguish noetic information from thoughts 

So how can we connect to the other side? Suzanne talks about the 3 E’s to living lucidly:

  1. Educate yourself – Read everything you can. The more you open your beliefs to a certain reality, the more likely you will experience it.
  2. Experience for yourself – We experience healing and connection through expanded states of consciousness.
  3. Engage with your Higher Self – this encompasses your soul, guides, and Source itself.

Suzanne shares about her meditation known as Sit In Peace (SIP) as a way of connecting to the divine. This meditation only requires 3 minutes a day and can strengthen your connection to the unseen realms. As you sit in silence, ask for an answer to your most burning question. With practice, you will learn to identify the answer in the stream of thoughts as it will feel different. This is a good way of practicing discernment when receiving noetic information. 

The webinar finishes with a Q&A. One of the many questions is a commonly debated dilemma in noetic and parasympathetic communities: how do we know if information received through mediums is spirit communication, or if it comes from extrasensory perception? For example, if a medium gets information that the deceased person used to drive a red car, could it be that the sitter was thinking of how their passed loved one used to drive that car, or is it actual communication? 

Suzanne shares a few ways of discerning. When it’s actual spirit communication, she experiences:

  • Pain that the passed person had (and that she didn’t know about)
  • Information about the loved ones that hasn’t yet happened, but is later confirmed
  • Information she doesn’t know about a common friend that’s verified

Most of all, at the soul level, you already know. That’s why a practice such as the 3-minute SIP meditation can be highly beneficial! She also shares how physical phenomena like goosebumps are a sign that you’re receiving information because the cells of the body are like antennas attuned to the higher dimensions. 

Final thoughts 

Our loved ones are always open to communicating. If you or a medium don’t receive an answer, it’s never because the person doesn’t want to get in touch. Suzanne even describes times when it’s like, “a mismatch in frequency,” similar a radio tuned to a different channel. The message can’t come through at that particular moment.  

The message from this ConnectIONS Live is that you can be your own medium. It is entirely in your power to connect with your loved ones who have transitioned. 

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