Consciousness for Next Gen Webinar

June 29, 2016
Mollie Robertson

College is a crucial transformative time in one’s life. It’s an incubation period for personal, social, and professional growth. Perspectives are shifted and new patterns of thinking and being emerge. One major quest is to determine what to do with the rest of your life; to figure out how are you choosing to make your mark in the world and the impact you will have.

Maybe you want to do something innovative significant, and substantial; something outside the norm. Pursuing a career in the field of consciousness research and application could be for you!

IONS Next Gen is hosting a FREE webinar series starting July 6.

Leading experts in the field will share the latest developments in their discipline and how they got into this leading-edge work.

Do you find yourself curious about the nature of consciousness? Are you interested in psychic phenomena? Are you passionate about revolutionizing human health and well-being? Do you feel strongly that transcendent technology is the way of the future? Are you positive that there needs to be more consciousness based education in our school systems? These are just some of the paths you might follow in this broad field.

The study of consciousness is a widely applicable field that influences every aspect of our lives. In this current world of constant connection and interaction, of increasing contention, it is important– now more than ever– to develop professionals that are well-versed in the science and manifestation of consciousness…

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