Consciousness for Change Agents: The Science Behind Worldview Transformation and Behavioral Change

April 22, 2017
Communications Team

A sustainable presence on this planet will require changes in our human behaviors. To achieve true, lasting changes in behavior, it turns out, requires changing our worldviews so the new action becomes part of “who I am.” But if you’ve ever tried to change a worldview or pattern of behavior in yourself or another person, you know it’s quite an endeavor!

Earlier this week IONS President, Cassandra Vieten, PhD, presented this webinar and Q&A session for members of our IONS community. (To become a member of this community and hear about future events like this webinar, simply sign up for our eNews!). In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd we offer a video recording to change makers across the globe.

Our scientific research points out that while most people are well-intentioned when attempting to change, they largely lack some fundamental understanding into the nature of behavioral transformation, so end up being mostly ineffective or, worse, counterproductive. This video provides some surprising ideas about how worldviews change, and how we can foster sustainable behavioral changes in ourselves and others.

If you are someone committed to bringing about sustainability and justice in your life and for the planet, if you want to be able to communicate more effectively and be a more effective change agent in the world, this webinar is for you.

View the webinar video here!

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