Consciousness, Communication, and Change

October 10, 2017
Communications Team

In a new video from Global Purpose Live, IONS President Cassandra Vieten and Emanuel Kuntzelman, Founder and President of Greenheart International, speak about consciousness and social change.

Cassi shares IONS’ research that shows how worldview transformation is a key element of change, one which supports people in making massive shifts in their lives and helping to create purpose.

She also speaks about her exciting new project, intended to support the world’s change agents in making positive impact on the world. In her Consciousness, Communication, and Change (C3) research she is harnessing what we’ve learned about the experience of worldview transformation with research from the conative, neural, and social sciences, as well as wisdom from the world’s spiritual traditions, to create powerful, embodied experiences that have the potential to revolutionize how we transform our lives and the world.

Enjoy the conversation!

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