Consciousness and the Quantum: Surprising New Evidence

June 10, 2016
Communications Team

Since it began in 1994, the Science of Consciousness conference in Tucson AZ, has become the world’s largest consciousness-focused conference. Founded by philosopher David Chalmers and anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff, its popularity and prestige reflects the growing academic recognition of the mystery presented by the conscious mind. Among the diverse views of its attendees and speakers, there is a decidedly growing openness toward deeper views of the mind. For many, including its founders, the question of consciousness may even penetrate to the heart of our scientific ontology. In recent years, scientists exploring the controversial terrain of psychic anomalies, like precognition and mind-matter interaction, have become a growing part of the discussion. This year IONS chief scientist Dean Radin gave a fascinating talk detailing the surprising findings of his prize-winning experiments exploring the relationship between mind and the quantum world. This one’s not to be missed.

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