Enjoy the Conscious Aging Workshop from Home!

September 28, 2020
Experience & Engagement Team

Starting in October, you can experience the Conscious Aging workshop online from the comfort of your own home.

The process of aging brings with it many gifts not present in earlier decades. We have opportunities to share what is profoundly meaningful to us, to harvest deep wisdom nurtured over time, and to gather in celebration of the many phases of our journey.

The Conscious Aging online workshop addresses the challenges and celebrates the opportunities of later life. Based on insights gained from our decade-long study of transformation and field-tested across a broad range of practitioners and settings, our program supports older people who yearn to engage in dialogue about these issues.

The IONS Conscious Aging program consists of a series of six online, facilitated sessions designed to shift participants’ consciousness from self-limitation, lack, isolation, and fear toward expansiveness, inclusiveness, wholeness, connection, and compassion. Each session features an interplay of activities that includes listening to one’s inner wisdom and guidance and integrating inspirational ideas and best practices from the collective wisdom of the group.

The workshop is led by IONS Conscious Aging facilitators Evalina Everidge and Marc Blesoff, founding members of A Tribe Called Aging, who have worked with IONS to develop and implement the online version of the IONS Conscious Aging Workshop.

We Hope You Join Us!

Conscious Aging Online Workshop – Autumn 2020
Six live online sessions,
Thursdays, October 15 to November 19, 2020


About the Facilitators

Marc BlesoffMarc Blesoff says he used to know everything and trust nothing. Now, Marc knows nothing and he has glimpsed trust. Marc used to believe in coincidence, but he doesn’t anymore. For over 30 years, Marc was a criminal defense attorney, then a mediator. Six years ago, he began facilitating the IONS Conscious Aging Workshops and he hasn’t stopped. It has helped him melt the armor that he’d built up. It has helped him get a clue about who he would like to be. Marc is a member of A Tribe Called Aging.

Evalina EveridgeEvalina Everidge has assisted others in navigating life transitions for over 40 years — through community and social justice programs, as a Registered Nurse, as a Board Certified Psychiatric and Mental Health professional for over 15 years, and through a holistic consulting practice. Evalina’s path led her to years in hospice work. Sharing the end of life journey with individuals, their families, and friends was a profound and humbling experience that provided valuable lessons in what really matters. Now retired, Evalina has discovered her passion as a jazz vocalist and as an Age Appreciation Advocate. An IONS Conscious Aging Facilitator and member of A Tribe Called Aging, Evalina has co-facilitated global webinars, online workshops, and presented at conferences. She has gained strength and compassion engaging with others about the poignancy, challenges, and joys of aging.

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