Community is the Answer

June 11, 2024
Andrea Livingston, Associate Director of Engagement and Partnerships

At the start of June, we celebrated two milestones: 50 years of IONS, and our first truly global conference, hosted online. Both of these have left me reflecting on the beauty of the present moment.

You have likely heard us talk about the urgency of this moment in terms of the crises we face as a species and a planet.  We are excited to be in a moment of scientific breakthroughs and discovery, led by our incredible IONS science team. But the link between crisis and solution is community.

Fifty years ago, IONS was founded to challenge humanity to look beyond the material, everyday world, to seek to understand our place in a much larger cosmos. But that has always required us to look inward to the untapped potential within us, but also to the deep, persistent bonds that connect us.

Witnessing our historic gathering this past weekend gave me a new sense of the power that our movement has built, not only in numbers but also in passion, kindness, curiosity, and determination. As an IONS staff member for over 12 years, I have an especially deep appreciation for our community. I hope you feel it as well.

Our community is self-sustaining. Every gift, of any size, helps us to foster and uplift this movement, and attract more of our fellow explorers to the table. I hope you’ll join me in helping us meet the moment and carry this momentum into the next 50 years.

Learn More & Make a Gift

Here are a few ways you can stretch your appreciation even further:

  • Become a monthly donor. Even what feels like a small gift can make a big impact over time, and your consistency helps us to plan for the future with confidence.

  • Instead of selling stock to fund your end-of-year giving, donate stock directly to IONS. The money you would have paid in capital gains tax can instead go fully to the work you care about and the future we are envisioning together.

  • If you’re over 70 1/2, you can give directly from your IRA. A gift from your account directly to IONS is completely tax-free and counts toward minimum distribution requirements.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or to have a conversation about the smartest way to make an impact.

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