A Collective Initiatory Journey

July 6, 2020
Andrea Livingston, Engagement Team

We may very well be at an evolutionary tipping point in human history. With the global pandemic affecting people all around the world, it illuminates where our systems and social structures are failing and it makes clear the need for a new way of being with self and others. The IONS Team had a chance to sit down and talk with Dr. Geneen Marie Haugen, author and nature guide with Animas Valley Institute. She spoke to us about this moment in human history as a collective initiatory journey. In her blog titled Chaos, and a Collective Initiatory Journey, Geneen writes:

“The journey of the universe reveals many occasions of crisis where the unfolding cosmos might have imploded, but a never-before-seen capacity emerged instead. Homo sapien sapien may be in the kind of dissolution or chaos or cataclysm that often precedes and catalyzes creative emergence; we may be, as many have foreseen, entering a collective initiatory journey, perhaps an evolution of human consciousness.”

Tune in to this interview to hear Geneen’s thoughts on this moment and how we might connect more deeply to ourselves and to the Earth amidst the chaos that is present in our lives today.

About Geneen Marie Haugen

Geneen Marie Haugen, PhD, grew up as a free-range wildish kid with a run amok imagination. She is a guide to the experiential, intertwined mysteries of nature and psyche with Animas Valley Institute, and is on the faculty of Esalen Institute, Schumacher College, and Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality. Her writing has appeared in many publications including Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth; Thomas Berry: Dreamer of the Earth; Parabola, and others.

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