Changing the Way We View the World

November 16, 2017
Communications Team

Amidst ever-increasing cultural diversity and social complexity, navigating and thriving in a global society requires we expand our capacity to understand a multitude of perspectives. When we become aware of the lenses through which we experience the world we can become even more compassionate and self-aware leaders of a global society. And as more people shift their own worldview to recognize their essential interconnectedness with the planet and those living on it, the more they are motivated to engage in action and leadership for the greater good.

IONS understands the importance of understanding and transforming our worldviews. Many of our problems on the planet today are caused by worldviews that do not include our innate interconnectedness, and therefore lead to devaluation of the other — other people and the planet. By transforming these limiting and destructive worldviews, we are working on the root causes keeping us from what we want — the creation of a thriving planet.

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