Can We Change the World with Our Minds?

July 5, 2021
Science Team

Is consciousness created by the physical brain? Or can our consciousness actually impact the physical world? Decades of studies by IONS researchers and others suggest that consciousness can and does impact the physical world through psychokinesis or PK.

There are three categories of PK:

Macro-PK: events we can actually experience with our five senses
Bio-PK: impacts of consciousness on biological systems
Micro-PK: impacts of consciousness on probabilistic events such as tumbling dice and random number generators

This article is a review of over 100 years of psychokinesis research. It explores various techniques for creating controlled experiments and describes the individual and overall results of these experiments. Most of the experiments use RNGs (random number generators) and new systems like QNGs (quantum noise generators) as tools to measure outcomes.

One very large-scale experiment, The Global Consciousness Project (GCP), is an international collaboration of researchers around the world and is the longest-running experiment in the micro-psychokinesis field using RNGs. Other experiments were conducted at large-scale events such as the Burning Man festival in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert where the subjective experience is variously described as an “energetic shift” or as “electricity in the air” potentially evoked when tens of thousands of people coherently focus on the same event.


There is growing positive evidence that our consciousness does affect the physical world. While large-scale results are not verified, findings show changes at the micro-psychokinesis level. The results of these psychokinesis studies suggest that we are not in fact completely separate from our environment but have an influence on it. The results support the hypothesis that we are actually interconnected. According to the Big Bang theory, this would make sense because at that point everything was connected.

Why Psychokinesis Research Matters

Our Western science paradigm tells us that we are all separate and our consciousness does not extend beyond our physical brain. But PK experiments tell us otherwise.

What if we were, in fact, interconnected? In a world filled with separation, divisiveness, prejudice, and war, what if we imagined that our intentions and thoughts did influence the physical world? Would that change our behavior towards increased loving-kindness and compassion to ourselves and others? Assuming that this is the case, continued research could have a major impact on our relationship with one another and on the planet as a whole.

Get Involved

Many of us have had experiences that seem to support the theory of PK, whether on our own or in a group situation. If you have had such an experience, and can document it, your evidence may be important to IONS ongoing research.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in the history of psychokinesis research and the procedures used to explore biological and micro-PK, you can read Dr. Helané Wahbeh’s entire paper on the IONS site.

Wahbeh, H. (2021). Collective Consciousness and Our Sense of Interconnectedness. Cardiol Vasc Res, 5(1), 1-7.

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