On The Leading Edge: IONS at 50 and Beyond

November 17, 2023
IONS Communications Team

During the free special event, On The Leading Edge: IONS at 50 and Beyond on Friday, November 17th, we heard from the IONS science team including Helane Wahbeh, Dean Radin, Arnaud Delorme, and Cedric Cannard who are leading research in the areas of non-local consciousness, channeling, exceptional healing, psychic phenomena, survival of consciousness, and more. They discussed their current projects and what’s to come in the years ahead. Board Chair and Interim CEO Claudia Welss provided context for IONS at 50 and beyond, and explored the areas of creativity and psychedelic studies, UAPs, conscious AI, and more with IONS science advisors, board members and special guests. Watch the recording now! Plus, check out the timeline below to see a few of the groundbreaking milestones in the past 50 years.

Timestamps –

00:00 – Intro By Andrea Livingston
06:13 – Edgar and Willis Video Part 1
11:00 – Claudia Welss Introduction and History of IONS
27:00 – Announcement of New Incoming President
30:56 – Presentation from New President Thomas G. Brophy, PhD
45:35 – Edgar and Willis Video Part 2
48:58 – Words from Marilyn Schlitz, PhD
54:06 – Presentation from Álex Gómez-Marin
1:05:38 – Director of Research Helané Wahbeh presents on the Linda G. O’Bryant Noetic Sciences Research Prize and Plans for 2024
1:13:20 – Linda G. O’Bryant speaks on the Noetic Sciences Research Prize
1:18:48 – Member Denis Greene speaks
1:22:05 – Jo’el Adifon provides an experiential exercise
1:31:05 – Panel discussion with the IONS Science Team
2:12:02 – Edgar and Willis Video Part 3
2:15:56 – Words from Cassandra Vieten, PhD
2:19:08 – Panel Discussion featuring Claudia Welss, Philippe Goldin, Dr. Bruce Damer, Stacey Lawson and Mark Gober.

We are pleased to share the following resources mentioned in the event:

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