Car Charging at EarthRise

February 1, 2019
Rusty Shores, EarthRise Team

We are excited to offer four new electric car charging stations on our EarthRise campus! EarthRise has long held values of sustainability including completing a formal Green Business Certification from Marin County in 2014. This voluntary program recognizes and promotes businesses and organizations that implement environmentally responsible practices. The Green Business Program certifies that businesses meet higher standards of environmental performance such as using energy efficient processes, conserving water, recycling, using recycled products, reducing pollutants, and much more.

This Green Business Certification is one component of the Institute of Noetic Sciences’ wider commitment to sustainability and caring for the earth and its inhabitants, and to developing EarthRise into a world-class model of sustainability. Given the increasing use of electric vehicles, it is natural that EarthRise would also increase its commitment to support our guests and staff in their sustainability efforts. Next time you are on campus, if you drive an electric vehicle, please check in with our staff about where you can charge up!

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