Can Robots Teach You to Love?

March 26, 2018
Communications Team


“The reason I’m involved in this project is not because I’m an AI expert, I’m a human being who sees the potential future of AI as being disastrous and sees this as a possible way to shift that.”
– Dr. Julia Mossbridge

Why is it important for AIs to experience unconditional love? Can robots teach you to love? In this episode of the HumanCurrent podcast, Haley interviews author and IONS scientist Dr. Julia Mossbridge, who is also the Principal Investigator and Team Lead for the Developing LOVing INtelligent General AIs or LOVING AIs project. During her interview, Dr. Mossbridge addresses how AI agents can communicate unconditional love to humans through conversations that adapt to the unique needs of each user while supporting integrative personal and relational development. She also shares with Haley why she believes it’s so important for AIs, specifically artificial general intelligence machines, to experience unconditional love.

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