Biofield Research Fellowship Program

February 17, 2022
Science Team

We’re excited to announce that grant applications are now being accepted for the Biofield Research Fellowship Program! The program provides support for biofield and subtle energy healing research in the form of a stipend of up to $20,000, mentorship, and inclusion in a community of fellow researchers.

More precisely, this opportunity is open to researchers in biofield/subtle energy healing therapies and practices, spanning across multiple disciplines such as neuroscience, medicine, physics, and social sciences, among others.

The goal is to nurture researchers dedicated to investigating the mechanisms underlying biofield and subtle energy healing. Understanding the biofield and subtle energies has multiple benefits. It could allow for a more efficient approach to healing, taking into account our multidimensionality as human beings and deepen our insight into the interconnectedness of all things. This knowledge could lay the foundation for the next generation’s holistic healthcare.

The stipend is granted by the Subtle Energy Collective. They are interested in supporting three main areas of research:

  • Clinical Research: Understanding the impact of biofield and subtle energy healing and its applications on physical/mental health issues
  • Qualitative Research: Looking at the biofield and subtle energy healers and their perspective on how they heal, as well as what’s needed to increase their impact and make these modalities more widespread and accepted by the mainstream
  • Fundamental Science & Mechanism Research: Deepening the understanding of the underlying mechanisms of biofield and subtle energy healing, and their impacts on living and non-living systems

Selected researchers will get:

  • Up to $20,000 each
  • Mentoring by an expert in a relevant field for support, feedback, and knowledge-sharing
  • Inclusion in a collaborative community of emerging and established researchers
  • Participation at in-person annual research conference

Eligibility criteria: applications are open to graduate students (masters/PhD), post-doctoral fellows, or junior faculty not past their fifth year of university appointment.

The program accepts international applications from different research areas. Applications are due by February 28, 2022. Make sure to apply today to take your research to new levels, while contributing to the evolution of collective consciousness!

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