Awakening the Force

December 9, 2016
Theresa Cheung

Spoiler alert: ‘The Force’ is strong with IONS.

Reflect for a moment on the galactic numbers of people who will go and see the next Star Wars blockbuster, Rogue One, released on December 16th. It will be, arguably, millions more than the number of people who attend religious services or, for that matter, consciousness research conferences.

And the reason why? It’s not to do with the magic of cinematic special effects, famous actors or vast investment from Disney studios – anyone remember the dismal failure of John Carter which had similar levels of hype and investment? It’s because Star Wars has somehow tapped into a deep and intense longing for meaning which is the true essence or uniting force of our collective spirit.

There are so many stories and themes within Star Wars that contain powerful mythical, religious, spiritual or consciousness tutorials. Look no further than the profound theme repeated in each of the movies of the wise teaching the young about spirit. Wisdom from elders is missing from our lives today. For Yoda and Obi-wan, think Shaman or, as I hope will be the case one day, consciousness researchers.

The Force is described as ‘an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us.’ Wait a minute. Isn’t that just another way of speaking about consciousness?  ‘May the Force be with you,’ can be translated as, ‘May you become aware of yourself and the environment so you can understand and master both.’

Parallels can easily be drawn between The Force and consciousness research at IONS.  Come to think about it, myriad elements of the Star Wars series are what IONS has lived and breathed for these last four decades. These are experiences that most of us are craving to explore in a deeper way. For example:

  • Who doesn’t want to learn how to be a master Jedi? In his book Supernormal, IONS chief scientist Dean Radin in essence gives us a masterclass in Jedi or psi training, by showing how, with practice, ancient spiritual traditions can enable humans to achieve supernormal feats.
  • Who doesn’t want to understand their meaning and purpose? In her recently released, ground breaking book, Transcendent Mind, published by the American Psychological Association, Dr Julia Mossbridge utilizes findings from science, philosophy, paranormal experience and psychology to build a rigorous and detailed investigation into the origins and nature of human consciousness. She also writes how shifting your perspective from self to interconnectedness can transform your life and the world.
  • Who doesn’t want to use the power of their mind to manipulate their experience of reality or heal themselves? Research from IONS, such as the Double Slit experiment, has indicated that the mind can indeed influence matter. IONS studies on distance and energy healing also suggest that mind and body are linked.
  • Who doesn’t want to make the right choices? The light and dark side of the Force theme in the movies links with IONS research on intuition, precognition and channeling, and how mastering these super powers can help us make inspired decisions in our lives.
  • Who doesn’t want to feel deep connection with departed loved ones? Obi Wan’s spirit continues to guide Luke after his death. Research at IONS, in partnership with the Windbridge Institute, is currently leading the world in rigorous scientific testing of mediums.

The list of Star Wars parallels could go on, offering IONS an opportunity to engage more people in consciousness research and gather support for a global shift in perspective. I’m doing what I can by mentioning IONS in all my upcoming paranormal and afterlife story collection books, and my popular Theresa Cheung, Author page on Facebook directs my readers – many of whom are completely unaware that there is science behind the spiritual and paranormal experiences I write about – to this invitation page with three free gifts from IONS.

Star Wars is a cinematic religious, spiritual and consciousness studies symposium. It is the greatest story ever told. That’s why everyone wants to see it. It is about you, me and every single human being, past, present and future. The research at IONS is also about all of our lives, the universe and everything. It is about awareness, compassion and a deeper understanding of the infinite potential that exists within and around us. The Force is strong with IONS.

Just imagine for a moment if those packed movie theaters on December 16 were actually rows of seats at a consciousness studies conference. I truly believe it’s not within the realms of impossibility. After all, IONS seeks to understand the very fabric of reality. What could be more exciting or meaningful or have more universal appeal than that?

Theresa Cheung, an “ordinary woman who has had extraordinary experiences,” is a best-selling author who has been writing books about the psychic world for over twenty five years. Her latest book, Heaven Called My Name: Incredible True Stories of Heavenly Encounters and the Afterlife, includes an interview with IONS’ scientist Julia Mossbridge, and includes an appendix describing the work of IONS’ scientists. Please reach out to Theresa on and

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