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June 19, 2020
Communications Team

The world as we know it has been up-ended, requiring us to rapidly innovate new ways of living, working, and being in community with each other. The COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread protests demanding racial justice in response to the tragic death of George Floyd have awakened deeper questions, and a longing among like-minded explorers of consciousness to connect more deeply.

What has emerged for us at IONS is a profound reinforcement of the significance of our mission in the world: revealing the interconnected nature of reality through scientific exploration and personal discovery.

IONS Response

In the past three months our team pivoted quickly to expand free access to noetic wisdom — the science of what connects us — at a time when the world needs this inspiration and information most. Nearly 10,000 people have participated in our special online programs since late March — including over 2,500 newcomers to IONS — and we’re not finished yet!

We have also worked diligently to ensure 100% continuity of IONS vital, leading-edge research programs in the noetic sciences. Major highlights include:

  • Finalizing the pilot phase of the IONS Discovery Lab (IDL) initiative, with 1800 participants revealing the intersection of interconnectedness, extended human capacities, and well-being.
  • Completing Phase 2 of the Exceptional Healers Study, informing the field of energy medicine and yielding six publications to be featured in the September issue of Explore journal.
  • Conducting the foundational research for our groundbreaking Noetic Signature™ model, illuminating how we each access information and energy not limited by space or time.

Extraordinary Challenges — and Opportunities

While our Science and Experiential Programs have continued full steam, our EarthRise Retreat Center has been forced to temporarily close, resulting in well over $1 million in lost revenue. We believe this is not the time in humanity’s story to scale back or pause our crucial research and programs. With additional financial support, IONS will remain strong heading into our new fiscal year.

That is why the IONS Board of Directors is offering to match, dollar-for-dollar, all gifts up to $500,000.

Make a Gift!

All donations made through June 30 will be doubled via the Board Challenge. As of today, we are halfway to our goal—please help us surge past the finish line!

The global changes that we are experiencing are sweeping. Yet what can feel like radical disconnection is really an opportunity for deep reconnection — within ourselves, with each other, with the Earth and beyond. Please join IONS in supporting this important evolutionary opportunity for us all!

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