Art as a Pathway to the Noetic: Invoking the Visual

November 8, 2021
Experience & Engagement Team

Since we first sketched spiritual symbols on cave walls, humans have used the visual arts as a pathway to noetic realms. As our ancestors knew, the powerful alchemy of image and imagination brings us to a deep connection with non-material reality, and allows us to access information and energy not bounded by space and time.

Tune in to a video replay of the “Art as a Pathway to the Noetic: Invoking the Visual” webinar us as we converse with three amazing people — Dana Lynne Andersen, Aranka Israni, and Lisa M. French who use the creative forces of the visual arts to explore the non-visible. They share how engaging with art opens them to intuitive wisdom that informs their day-to-day experiences, helping to guide and inspire as they navigate the arc of their lives.

The recording of “Art as a Pathway to the Noetic: Invoking the Visual” is open to all to view until Friday, November 12, 2021. After that date, it becomes a benefit of IONS membership and only Members will have access to the video.


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